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ΒΙΟΜΕΤ ΑΕ - Metal Constructions
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Production Equipment

- CNC Line for cutting, drilling and marking beams Peddinghaus TDK 1000. The line is equipped with nine drills for beams of width up to 1.000mm. For the cutting of the beams a blade is used for absolute accuracy. There is also a built-in system for inserting and output the beams.

- CNC Line for cutting and drilling aluminum sheets Peddinghaus FDB 600 of maximum width of 600mm, 80mm thick and of unlimited length. It is equipped with a triple drilling head for speed and head for cutting with oxygen.

- Band-saws (2) for cutting beams of width up to 600mm. Built-in input-output system for handling the beams.

- RADIAL (3) for the perforation of plates up to 80mm.

- Hydraulic Punching press GEKA, 2 work positions.

- A walking machine for drilling using punch boards.

- A handheld machine (torch) LINCON using plasma to cut beams and the possibility of welding beams.

- 150kV Generator shear welding materials for composite structures.

- The indoor paint shop is equipped with 5 ducts for ventilation of the space.

- Twenty welding machines MIG-MAG.

- Two overhead cranes capable of lifting 10t of double body [box].

- Eight overhead cranes capable of lifting 5t of single body [box].

- Six small cranes that can lift 2t supported by beams which are 5m over the workplaces of fitters and welders for better and faster construction.

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